Mar 20, 2015

European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death (FINAL) 381.56 MB

European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death (FINAL) 381.56 MB. Something strange started to happen in small European town. Victim was found covered in strange flowers, sucking life from him in European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death PC Game!

It’s year 1788, Netherland. You were invited after the first victim, local collector Jonathan van Persi, covered with vines, was found. Flower on these vines spreading toxic pollen, hardening the examination of the crime scene. Local botanist Leopold van Reen provided you with his invention, able to clear poisonous pollens you encounter. Make first antidote from sea salt, cinnabar and ginseng and prepare yourself to even more rare ingredients to collect and use! Find out, whose hands are using these dangerous sample of flora to kill people. Is it the collector who specializes in rare flowers? Or maybe Leopold van Reen himself?

Download European Mystery: Flowers of Death Game for PC for free, find out, who controls strange flowers, sucking life from people in this naturalistic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Gather every achievement in game!
  • Bonus chapter with new mystery to unravel!
  • Collect all flowers cards throughout the game to earn special achievement!


Small town in Netherland is quaked with fear – someone using poisonous flowers to suck life from his enemies! Before you will get carried away into breezy PC game European Mystery Episode Three, you just need to do one additional thing. Let your friends know you will be unavailable for a day or two while playing this inimitable PC game European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death!

Title Post: European Mystery 3: Flowers of Death (FINAL) 381.56 MB
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